About Sticky Stories

Welcome to Stickystories.co, a place for innovative professionals to create high impact learning, communications and change experiences on a shoestring budget, through the power of tiny stories in workplace settings.

How long has your company been established?

After operating for only one year Sticky Stories customers are now creating ‘aha’ learning conversations in over 20 countries.

Where did the Stickystories.co concept come from?

Our business started in 2014 when we offered bespoke animated stories for our corporate clients delivering change programs. Our clients were looking for innovative ways to help their workforce and stakeholders understand organisational changes in a real and personal way. We called these animations Sticky Stories.

We soon started receiving requests for stories on common topics, so we developed a library of Sticky Stories as a ready-now story resource for professionals who understand the power of a good story to engage and enlighten on even the most complex concepts. In 2016 Stickystories.co launched to give our customers a place to search for that short video for a workshop or session, not to ‘explain’ stuff, but to engage people in a learning conversation, generate insights and prompt people to share stories of their own.

Is this something for you?

Do you sigh in frustration when efforts to educate on important leadership and change concepts isn’t translating into actual behaviors and actions? Do you feel that people understand a theory but can’t connect with ‘what it would look like’ in real life?

This is where simple workplace scenarios and stories can make the difference and get a discussion going about real day to day actions. We want Stickystories.co to be the solution to your challenge, so we are determined to provide a story collection that can be:

  • ridiculously affordable
  • spot-on for topics that you are struggling to communicate to leaders and teams in a corporate setting
  • a window into highly relevant workplace moments experiences
  • bite-sized to fit changing preferences for short video learning and development
  • flexible so you can download and reuse stories in your own settings without relying on reliable internet connections during your workshop or presentation.

What do co-directors Leisha Boyle and Leigh Walker have to say?

We are passionate about creating enlightenment through stories. Why? Because we’ve been there, year after year, working with leaders and staff in big corporates, and striving to prepare them to work with new concepts, customer models, project delivery approaches and massive job changes. With the motto ‘Don’t explain it, tell a story’, we draw from decades of management consulting and change delivery experience, education skills and professional acting capabilities to lovingly create each Sticky Story. We want nothing more than to make it easy and affordable for you to kick off a learning conversation with the right people tomorrow, and drive a greater understanding that will translate into real change.