Change resistance turns around with engagement – what does that look like?

Sometimes you need to observe people responding to workplace change negatively, and then witness their turn around to become advocates, to prompt a rethink of ‘change resistance’. We’ve made these two Sticky Stories about Dave so that you can gain an insight into this in only two minutes, and start a conversation in your own workplace about engaging people in change.

Change managers spend a fair bit of their time devising and implementing actions that will minimise the most destructive human reactions to workplace change. Terms like ‘change resistance’ and ‘change fatigue’ are labels used to generalise about a broad range of responses that make workplace change more unpleasant and unachievable. Difficult responses to change happen for so many reasons and are very tied up with the approaches that leadership have taken to this change and past changes, so there’s no magic formula. However if there is one general rule it is that the more engaged and vested in the change program, the less likely a stakeholder is to undermine and block the change.

Dave’s stories offer insights into the change curve

In only a couple of minutes, these two free stories can be a valuable part of any discussion you are leading on workplace change, resistance, and engagement.

They are from a series of four stories about Dave as he makes his way through a personal change journey.

These two are free to stream from this blog or from our Story Shop, and if you would like a download, visit the shop for a ridiculously cheap download copy.

First we meet Dave as he bumps along the bottom of the ‘change curve’, finding it difficult to see the benefits of the change and excluding himself from engagement opportunities:

Later we journey with Dave as he takes up a more engaged role in assisting the change program, and watch his attitudes and positivity shift:

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This story is part of our ‘Free to Play’ collection, and can be played in full via our site, and downloaded for a fraction of our normal price.

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