Wish you could hear from a Change Manager working on an Agile project?

If only we could bypass all the confusion about the best way to carry out change management on an Agile project, and just see what real change managers are actually experiencing on these projects. If only we could meet them and hear their stories….well we’ve just added a Change Manager’s story about Agile to our Sticky Stories collection of animated videos, lifting the lid on so many insights on this topic in only 3 minutes!


“I’m here to help you and your teams get ready for 11 system releases that will help your teams manage customer information better. I can only tell you what’s in the first couple of releases at this point. (I’m sure you can imagine their faces)…”

This is only 1 of 15 Sticky Stories animations in our Story Shop on the topic of change management. Clearly this topic is close to our hearts, and we know a large proportion of our members are change specialists like ourselves. So we thought we would provide a quick roundup of 10 of our change management stories so far.

Dave’s Stories

daves stories blog picJoin Dave on his journey through the ‘change curve’! He faces uncertainty and discomfort in the first story, responds positively to engagement opportunities in the second story, and rises to the challenge in the third story as he takes on new skills for his changed role.







The world of the Change Manager

change role blog picChange Managers are often explaining what they do and why it’s valuable. These stories take us into the project world to understand more about Change Practitioners and what they do…




Leading Change

change leader blog picLeadership is so critical to effective change. What does great change leadership look like in action? Would you recognise it? And how should leaders approach difficult communications with employees when change is hard?



And a couple more…

Fother change blogpicor those times when you are trying to explain that ‘change resistance’ is not the reason for everything, and for other times when you are welcoming super users into your program…




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