Engaging Stakeholders in Change – Infographic

Every individual stakeholder or group has their own story. To go hand in hand with our Sticky Story Are all our stakeholders equal? (part of our ‘Free to Play’ selection) we’ve developed this handy infographic to help you plan effective engagement activities and achieve the ideal ‘future story’ for each stakeholder.

Download your free PDF using the link below. As part of our ‘Free to Play’ Sticky Story selection, this story can be played in full via our site at no charge, and download at a reduced price of $9.90. First time visitor to our site? Browse the Story Shop and find out what we’re all about.


After many years as a management consultant, Leisha Boyle is now the founder and Co-Director of Stickystories.co, a video collection of 1-3 minute animated stories on leadership, communications, HR, change management, Agile and more.

stakeholder management; stakeholder engagement; stakeholder analysis; stakeholder management plan