FAQs - Sticky Stories Content

Sticky Stories are most useful to illustrate concepts that presenters, consultants, leaders and trainers need to communicate in the workplace, and to make workshops and sessions more engaging and memorable. They are also great in management meetings and conferences, and distributed via intranet or learning platforms internally.

We recommend incorporating the stories into your session plans and following each story with a discussion about the concept. We have included some talking points in the description of each story, to make this easier.

We say “Don’t explain it, tell a story!” It’s more effective every time.

Change Mania Pty Ltd owns Stickystories.co and we write and produce the stories in-house. We are based in Brisbane, Australia.

Yes! We want nothing more than for you to find what you need in the Sticky Stories library. We often reshuffle our development pipeline to deliver the Sticky Stories our customers request.

Yes, in addition to our online library of Sticky Stories, we work with clients to design and develop bespoke stories. If you would like to discuss a custom story requirement please contact us at [email protected] so that we can work with you directly to provide a quote.

Our Terms of Service allow the use of Sticky Stories on electronic delivery platforms provided they are only made accessible within your organisation.

Our Terms of Service allow members to use stories with clients in this way, with limited, face to face audiences, and internal electronic distribution, provided the branding and copyright acknowledgement is retained. All rights to the content are retained by Change Mania Pty Ltd.

As a general rule, our members can show/play Sticky Stories for contained audiences as either an internal organisational activity or as a commercial consulting engagement/event/training activity. Members are prohibited from selling and supplying the Sticky Stories movie file to non-members for their ongoing use.

Our Terms of Service prohibits the use of Sticky Stories library items in this way. However should you wish to contact us about adapting these stories to your brand and obtaining commercial rights in the resulting product, we are able to provide a quote for this. Please contact us at [email protected]

Download links will be provided on a confirmation page after your purchase, and sent to you by email, for each Sticky Story you purchase. These will download the stories as MP4 files. You can use these download links multiple times, within a 3 day period.

Stickystories.co Terms of Service do not allow stories to be shared by customers via internet or broadcast channels. We will request removal of any content in breach of our terms.

FAQs - Accounts, Payments and Service

We collect minimal information about our customers during registration and never share or sell this information. Payments are processed securely through PayPal, and no credit card information is used or kept by Change Mania Pty Ltd. Every time you purchase you will need to provide your verification through PayPal.

Even so, we recommend that you always take care to select a password that is not used on other services you have joined, and keep this password secure.

Stickystories.co prices and purchases are in Australian dollars. We use PayPal as our secure payment provider. When purchasing internationally you may be charged a fee by your banking provider for currency conversion.

We don’t overload our customers with email marketing, you will receive some messages after you first become a Sticky Stories customer, along with a monthly update on new content, and occasional special offers. If you wish to be removed from our list, simply use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Please contact us on [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible, definitely within 24 hours to assist you. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and our service hours are aligned with Australian east coast daytime.