Where to find change management workshop ideas and materials

Sometimes you need to pull together a training session or workshop with very little lead time and you turn to the internet for help. And while you don’t have much time, you still want your session to be a raging success, and to be memorable for something fresh and different that caught everyone’s attention.  Well here are some shortcuts that might help you make your deadline, get people engaged and help lift the lid off organizational change.

First, a tip: before browsing around the internet for materials that might suit, be clear on your audience and objectives.

  1. Are you looking to enable change leaders, or employees affected by change, or maybe project team members who will need to manage the change process?
  2. Are you hoping to help people navigate their own emotional journey through change, are you helping them to set direction and inspire others, or to use tools and processes to manage the complexity of workplace change activities?

Ok, now that you’ve thought that through – here are some online destinations where you can cherry-pick change management ideas, workshop materials, icebreakers, videos and group exercises. They are a mix of free and paid resources.

Check Slideshare – it contains many examples of change management workshop materials used across the globe. Just search for Change Management. For example here’s a handy one https://www.slideshare.net/nusantara99/change-management-50378902

Chew on some clever thinking from the gurus – Looking to build in some handy lists of change principles, tips and pitfalls to avoid? Look around the leading change management blogs for some inspiration. Dr Jennifer Frahm has a great post that links to the main bloggers sharing high quality thinking on change. http://conversationsofchange.com.au/12-change-management-blogs-follow/.

Check out free resources on a range of topics at Prosci, Change Management Review and Lean Change Management.

Grab some interesting infographics – the Change Activation site (which offers a significant toolkit product as their paid offering) provides some free downloadable infographic-style resources, free videos and  summary materials that you might find useful.

Workshop Bank: This resource provides facilitator overviews of a range of group activities that would suit a change management workshop for leaders or employees. Each technique is described in detail, plus you can download a free PDF. https://workshopbank.com/change-management-activities

Stickystories.co: That’s us! A collection of 1-3 minute animated stories (downloadable videos) specifically designed as discussion-starters for groups exploring topics around change and transformation. A subset of the stories in the collection can be played in full for free on the site, including several Change Management stories. Each story comes with suggested talking points for the facilitator to generate discussion after viewing. https://www.stickystories.co/product-category/change-management/

A few off-the-shelf toolkits and training packages. These are a good shortcut if you are in the market for a more complete product where someone clever has already done all the work.

Spice it up with funny comic strip images, enlightening sketchnotes or cartoons

There’s some lovely work going on with communicating change concepts within sketchnotes. You may not have an artist handy for your workshop but that’s no reason to miss out. Here’s a couple of sites to visit:

We hope this was useful. If we get a lot of suggestions for further resources we will republish an improved version down the track.

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Good luck with your workshop!

This post has been updated July 2020 to incorporate new resources and address issues with older links. Enjoy!

An organisational change consultant with over 2o years experience, Leisha Boyle is the founder and Co-Director of Stickystories.co, a video collection of 1-3 minute animated stories on leadership, communications, HR, change management, Agile and more.