Growth Mindset: Four animated stories for leaders

The idea of growth mindset was developed by Pyschology Professor Carol Dweck, as she explored children’s attitudes towards learning and their ability to progress and achieve. Essentially, the concept is that if you believe your talents can be developed, you have more of a ‘growth mindset’ and tend to achieve more.

If you believe you are stuck with your current (limited) capabilities you have more of a ‘fixed mindset’ and tend to achieve less.


Growth mindset and innovation are friends

Dweck went on to research how growth mindset would affect organisations, and discovered that in companies where a growth mindset was prevalent, employees felt more empowered and committed, and were also more supported in collaboration and innovation.  In contrast, organisations with primarily fixed mindsets reported more cheating and deception among employees. You can read more on this research here.

So growth mindset appeals strongly to corporates facing an intense current need to innovate, learn fast and adapt as markets face disruption and globalisation. Understanding growth mindset is increasingly a popular component in leadership development programs, and in workshops on innovation or change agility.

Leadership, stories and growth mindset

In the workplace a leader’s mindset will be strongly influential, as we well know. The movement to develop more understanding of growth mindset in leaders has the potential to be a powerful force for change.

However, as with all leadership development involving self awareness and ‘soft skills’, the challenge is bridging the gap between understanding a concept and acting on it. What does leading with a growth mindset look like when you’re doing it? We developed four Sticky Stories to provide a springboard for this conversation about how a leader with a growth mindset might behave.

Microlearning approach: Stories plus conversation plus rich content

These 1-2 minute stories provide a microlearning opportunity that easily fits into 4 x 10 minute agenda items in a regular leader gathering. For example, combining a Sticky Story viewing (2 minutes), a short discussion on the talking points (8 minutes), and a take-home article offering a rich content learning opportunity (eg you might start with the article mentioned above).

growthmindsetpic2For more information, to view trailers and talking points, here are the links to each Leading with a Growth Mindset Sticky Story page:

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