Let’s see how they go with that – a story about change and accountability

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Easy! Download today and start a discussion about senior leader accountability for driving change.

Effective change leadership is critical to successful organisational change. Too often, change programs are burning through resources to design and implement a change, while key senior leaders are passive or sceptical about the change and its outcomes. In this story we meet such an executive. Great for opening discussions about the role of senior leaders in driving change.

Suggested Talking Points

  • Who is leading our change programs, and what challenges do they face?
  • In a big organisational change, what roles does the manager of a change program play? What is the role of the senior leadership in the area making  the change?
  • Have you seen a similar problem to this? What happened?
  • If a change program is faced with a change leadership issue such as this one, what are some actions that can be taken?

2 min 12 sec