Change Impact Analysis – gosh that sounds time consuming!

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Easy! Download today and start a discussion about the purpose of Change Impacts assessments

A sequel for ‘We don’t need a Change Manager’. Our Project Manager from that story is now greeting her new Change Manager and demanding a change plan be delivered in days, only to find that the first step is to identify the business impacts of the change. This story helps to illustrate the purpose of the change impacts work, and how it contributes to effective change planning and business readiness. Perfect to open your discussion about change impacts!

Suggested Talking Points

  • Who needs to be engaged in identifying change impacts of our project?
  • What information is needed to prepare a plan for each group affected by our change? When will this information become available?
  • As we progress plans for all streams in our project, what decisions are likely to affect the type and level of impacts on business areas?

2 min 03 sec