It’s a success! A story about change and measurement

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Measuring the success of change management efforts can be a challenge, and there is a difference between measurement of the deployment of change management activities and evidence of actual, operationalised change to the organisation, processes, or customer experience. This lighthearted Sticky Story highlights this difference as a presenter walks through the data showing how successful change management activities have been on his project.

Suggested Talking Points

  • Why would we measure the success of change management? Who is the audience for information we will create through measurement activities?
  • What will the information be used for?
  • What success factors will drive our measurement approach?
  • At what point in the change process will we measure? Will our measurement process have an impact on our change-affected people?
  • If successful, at what point will the change be fully embedded? Is measurement at this point possible?

1 min 45 sec