A Change Manager’s story about Agile

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Easy! Download today and start a discussion about managing business change in Agile programs

Change practitioners are learning to apply their skills to new project models like Agile. Accompany a Change Manager on a journey through her first Agile project. What was different, and how did she tackle it? We go with her as she adjusts her approach to her initial change strategy work, impacts assessment, stakeholder engagement, and change implementation tactics. Every Agile project (every project in fact) is different, and this is just one story. However it will be a great start for your conversation about change management in an Agile setting.

Suggested Talking Points

  • How does this story differ from your own experience on ‘Agile’ projects and programs?
  • When you arrive on a typical (non-Agile) project as a Change Manager, what are the typical artefacts and inputs you look for from other project roles?
  • On an Agile project, what have been the most useful inputs and activities for the change role?
  • If changes are to be released more frequently and in smaller bites, what are the implications for business impacts? What are the challenges for smooth change management and change integration?
  • Based on your experience in Agile projects, what can a change practitioner do to be successful in this changing environment?

3 min 33 sec