My flight is cancelled – a customer experience story

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What happens to your customer if you don’t take the time to think through each step of the customer’s experience before you implement new digital channels? What are customers wanting, and what are they feeling as they go through your service process? In this story we journey with a man whose flight is cancelled, as he attempts to engage with the airline’s livechat rescheduling service.

Suggested Talking Points

  • Were there factors that damaged this customer’s experience that the implementers of the livechat service may have overlooked?
  • What examples have we seen in our own services, where the customer’s experience wasn’t what we expected? What sort of things did we overlook?
  • Have you had experience mapping your customer’s experience? What did you learn?
  •  Are there processes we are running now that could benefit from a closer analysis of the customer’s journey?

2 min 40 sec