What does a data-driven organization look like?

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If we want to make the most of today’s massive potential to leverage data, how do we need leaders to behave? In this story we see a series of snippets highlighting the leadership needed to be a data-driven organisation. This is a key component of digital transformation efforts. This story is a great discussion starter for meetings on data governance and leadership.

Key Messages

These are displayed as text during the story:

  • Commit to a data-driven culture
  • Drive accountability and ownership for data
  • Create a thirst for data in decision making at every level
  • Use data creatively
  • Understand the value of information

Suggested Talking Points

  • How is data being used to change the business we are in?
  • As leaders, how do we change the role of data in our decision making?
  • What has to happen to create more reliable data we can trust? Who owns this problem?
  • How are we already using data creatively to drive results?

1 min 45 sec