Dave helps the change stick

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A story video for change management workshops, training and presentations

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A glimpse of Dave’s world as he struggles to embed process changes in his team. This is the fourth in our series about Dave as he journeys through workplace change. After implementation, Dave is finding his team’s adoption of the changes is patchy, and he looks for ways to embed the change more completely and ensure the benefits are achieved.

Key Messages

  • After implementation there may be incomplete adoption of changes
  • The benefits of change programs are at risk without ongoing efforts to embed changes.
  • With persistence and a collaborative effort with employees, remaining barriers can be addressed and the change outcomes can be achieved.

Suggested Talking Points

  • How will we know if the changes are well embedded and operating in all teams?
  • After implementation, who will support ongoing efforts to work with employees on remaining barriers and issues?
  • What kinds of issues might we see in teams after our change program? What kinds of support activities are best suited to these potential issues? 

1 min 20 sec