Dave’s new skills

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We met Dave as he started his journey through transformation, with “How Dave Feels” and “How Dave Feels Now”. We’ve seen Dave feeling overwhelmed and resistant, we’ve seen him becoming engaged with the change program and shifting his perspective. Now we see him as he copes with the fear that his skills and knowledge are not a fit to the new world, and starts to take on new knowledge and build confidence.

Suggested Talking Points

  • Have you ever had to take on a role you knew you weren’t fully competent in? How did you feel? What did you do to overcome this challenge?
  • What role do you think fear of incompetence plays when it comes to change resistance or lack of engagement in changes?
  • What can a change program or a change sponsor do to support people in Dave’s position? What is our own organization doing to support people to develop new skills during change?

1 min 33 sec