Digital Transformation – what is that?

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Everyone seems to be working on a Digital Transformation. So what is it? We hear one woman explaining what her own Digital Transformation program did, including activities around strategy, customer experience, creating capabilities to innovate and manage technology differently, and new approaches to getting value from data. Great for introducing a discussion about the transformation road ahead.

Key Messages

These messages are displayed in text late in the story:

  • Strategy to transform
  • Customer experience
  • Innovation capability
  • Renewed IT capability
  • Clever data approach

Suggested Talking Points

  • What does ”Digital Transformation” mean in our organisation? What does it mean to our competitors?
  • What are some examples of digital services our customers are adopting at work or in their private lives?
  • What challenges do we face, in setting the strategy for digital services?
  • Have we done the work to understand our customers’ experiences? How do we find out more about what our customers experience as they interact with us?
  • To offer more digital services in future, what would need to change about the way we develop and manage technology?

2 min 38 sec