I can take it or leave it – a story about employee engagement

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A leader can make all the difference in nurturing an engaged team. What does a disengaged employee think and feel about their experience at work? And what would they say about the leadership they are receiving? We take the bus with two employees having quite different experiences and see how this is affecting their engagement, highlighting key approaches used by leaders of engaged teams.

Suggested Talking Points

  • What are we doing to align our team around a common purpose? How is our common purpose expressed or described? What more can we do?
  • How important are coaching and development opportunities to you personally? What have been some of the most valuable development experiences you have had in your career so far? What made these experiences so positive?
  • Trust in leadership is a key factor in engagement. What do you think a leader can do to build trust?
  • The character in the story received so little feedback from his leader that he felt the quality of his work was almost irrelevant. In your team, what makes people care about the quality of their work and its outcomes? How do they find out how well they are doing?


2 min 02 sec