A Great Project Manager

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A story video for project management workshops, training and presentations

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We know project managers need technical skills and knowledge in their field to be successful. But what are the attributes that make a really great project manager, and what do they look like on the average day? We follow a great project manager through some moments in her day.

Key Messages

A great Project Manager:

  • Inspires a shared vision
  • Is a great communicator
  • Has integrity
  • Brings positive energy
  • Cares about the team
  • Is calm when others are not
  • Is competent

Suggested Talking Points

  • Have you worked with a Project Manager who modelled these attributes? How successful were their projects?
  • How can we develop these attributes in ourselves and in our PM community?
  • What are some examples in your own projects, where PM integrity (or caring, or vision) has been important? 

1 min 36 sec

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