Leading with a growth mindset 3 – Maybe we need to get creative

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The third of four short Sticky Stories that illustrate leader behaviour, with a focus on Growth Mindset. Leaders with a Growth Mindset foster innovation and are open to possibilities. In this story two leaders take different approaches when their teams are faced with challenges. One leader opens the door to ideas and innovation from his team, and we see that this approach brings success.

Suggested Talking Points

  • In our organisation, how do we take on new ideas and directions?
  • In what ways are we, as leaders, open to new possibilities? In what ways are we less open?
  • What can a leader do to make people comfortable with putting their ideas forward? What might discourage people from suggesting innovative ideas?
  • Think of a leader you've worked with who has taken things in a new and exciting direction. What did you observe about this person's style? How did this person behave when a discussion about possibilities occurred?

2 min 06 sec