Leading with a growth mindset 1 – I don’t see it that way!

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In organisations with a Growth Mindset, leaders behave differently and have a positive view of their team’s ability to learn, grow and improve. In a series of four 1-minute stories we see what Leading with a Growth Mindset looks like. In the first story, a leader works with her team to turn a setback into learning and improvement. Great to start that Growth Mindset conversation with leaders in any organisation.

Suggested Talking Points

  • What are the consequences in our organisation, when a team or individual gets it wrong?
  • What approaches do we use to enable teams and individuals to learn from mistakes?
  • How do people in our organisation feel about making mistakes? Do they feel safe to innovate and take risks? How can we make our organisation a safe place for innovative and creative individuals?

1 min 16 sec