Birth of a high performing team

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We’ve all worked at some time in a team that just didn’t function well, so we know how draining this can be for everyone. In this Sticky Story we journey with one team from dysfunctional to high performing, and we hear about the team leader’s approaches that made the difference. This story touches on setting shared goals, leadership style, team diversity, and examples of team processes to create a collaborative and outcome focused team culture.

Suggested Talking Points

  • There are a number of changes made by the team leader in this story, what are they?
  • What kind of leadership style does Mia have before making changes? How does her style change?
  • What changes are made which increase a focus on outcomes? What does your team do to help focus on team outcomes?
  • This team starts a few regular team events that made a difference for them. What regular team events have you seen work to help build high performing teams?

3 min 29 sec