How Dave feels about a digital transformation program

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In this funny, light-hearted Sticky Story Dave displays typical behaviours often labelled as change resistance. He communicates negatively about a major change program to others at work, and expresses doubts about his future in the job. He refuses to engage in meetings about the change. This is one of two stories about Dave and his journey through workplace change. Check out “How Dave feels now…” which shows how stakeholder engagement approaches can turn change resistance into cooperation and support over time.

Suggested Talking Points

  • Have you seen similar behaviour before? Have you ever felt or behaved like Dave yourself? What were the circumstances?
  • If Dave continues to feel this way, what are the possible outcomes?
  • What factors might be contributing to Dave’s negative attitude?
  • What might make a positive difference to the way Dave feels about the program?

1 min 05 sec