What happens when performance issues go unmanaged?

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When a team member isn’t performing their role (for whatever reason) the impacts flow through to everyone on the team, their own ability to contribute and their engagement. In addition to looking at the leader approach to managing individuals who are not performing to expectations, it’s important to look at  the bigger picture for the team, customers and workplace culture.  In this story we see the issue of unmanaged performance issues from the perspective of other team members.

Key Messages

No messaging is displayed in text during this story. Implied messages are:

  • A performance issue for one team member will change the morale and engagement for others
  • Team members rely on leaders to address situations that are affecting them. Failure to do so will damage trust.
  • Addressing performance issues takes courage, and is never simple
  • A leader’s avoidance of the situation will create further problems

Suggested Talking Points

  • Why does the manager in the story feel there is nothing she can do about the issue?
  • What are the likely outcomes for team members affected by the performance issue?
  • In the story, what effect does the situation have on the relationship between the leader and her team?
  • How are performance issues handled in our organisation? What could happen to improve our approach?

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