Safety Leadership Matters!

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Safety Leadership Matters

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A team’s leader provides many signals to his or her team about the safety behaviours they expect to see. In this lighthearted story we see how a different leader’s approach helps the team take safety hazards more seriously and provides an environment where safety concerns can be raised and managed.

Key Messages

No messaging is displayed in text during this story. Implied messages are:

  • A good safety leader demonstrates to their team that the primary concern is safety itself, preferring to make hazards and incidents visible rather than protecting safety metrics
  • Good safety leaders encourage team members to be comfortable addressing safety issues.
  • Where safety leadership goes wrong, team members will prioritise other activities over real safety issues, and incidents will be the result.

Suggested Talking Points

  • In the story it's mentioned that safety management takes time. In our team/organisation do we allow time to manage safety?
  • If a staff member sees a safety risk, why might they prefer not to report it or escalate to a leader? What are the consequences of this behavior?
  • Do we have safety processes that are communicated, then not carried out by leaders or teams? Why might this be?

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