A great change leader

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This story helps illustrate how change sponsors and transformational leaders work. It is well understood that the senior leader of a change program can make or break it, based on their leadership style and behaviour. There are many lists of essential leader attributes to drive change and transformation. What do these behaviours look like in action? In a fun 2 minutes we watch a great change leader make her way through a day, and we note the attributes she is demonstrating that make her the right leader in times of change.

Suggested Talking Points

  • These are great attributes for change leaders. What other characteristics have you noticed in effective leaders of change?
  • Why is empathy important for leaders?
  • Is leading change different to any other kind of leadership? What attributes (if any) might be more important in times of change? Why?
  • This video is focused on the change sponsor role – what about an organisational change manager or consultant – are these attributes important for them?

1 min 53 sec