Sticky Stories introduces pay-per-download

A year after starting our Sticky Stories library with only 12 stories in it, we are now relaunching our 40+ story collection with a few changes. In a nutshell, our customers can now download Sticky Stories individually at really affordable prices. We are pretty excited about it, we hope you are too!

Purchase of individual stories

Now there are 2 ways to access the stories you want.

  1. You can now pay for single Sticky Story downloads, these are individually priced and available in the new Story Shop.
  2. You can purchase an annually renewable membership and access all the stories in the collection. Paid members will continue to access the full story library when logged in, to stream or download any story.

The free ‘Sample Membership’ will be retired, and the free sample stories will be generally available to all our site visitors to play in full.

Easy to navigate our growing library

Our new-look Story Shop and Members’ Story Library area is now easier to navigate, with a simple category listing and sort options.

Updated Terms of Service and FAQs

Updated to align with our changes, if you have questions please check these out.

Some things haven’t changed…

  • Our collection of stories will continue to grow each month and will keep inspiring learning conversations all over the world.
  • Our subscription members will continue to have full access to all stories in the library.
  • The stories that are in our ‘free sample’ selection will still be available to play in full, for free. You can find these by clicking on the ‘Free to Play’ category in the shop.


You might have some questions…

I have a ‘free sample’ membership now – do I still need to use my log in?

You are a registered customer of, and when you make a purchase you will be asked to log in during the checkout process. You will not need to log in when browsing the shop and playing the Free to Play stories.

 Why are some stories lower in price?

Our selection of Free to Play stories are able to be played via our website in full, at no charge. They are available to download at a reduced price.

What is better value, an annual membership or purchasing stories individually?

This depends on how many stories you might use. Annual memberships are available at AUD $348. In 2017 this membership will provide access to a selection of over 70 stories over the coming year, taking into account new content released each month.

Individual Sticky Stories will generally be priced at AUD $27.90.


If you have other questions please review our FAQs page, or email us at [email protected], we will do our best to help.