Innovative leaders and facilitators are using animated stories to create learning conversations

We are true believers when it comes to communicating and learning more effectively through stories, obviously this is the foundation of our business. So it’s exciting and surprising when we see clever folk grabbing our Sticky Stories animations and taking them to creative and unexpected places.

Recently we have had some fascinating conversations with a number of our customers so that we can delve into how are stories are useful to them.  We are excited to share some of what we learned with you – these two fantastic (and impressively cost effective) approaches to story-driven leader development.

The “Leader Capability Moments” approach

15mins pic

This approach is exciting as it follows through on the concept of bite-sized learning, puts an ongoing leader development activity in place that’s innovative, streamlined and low cost, it is driven from within a leadership team itself, and because it’s story-driven it creates real conversations that drive change and learning. Here’s how it goes:

  • Book 15 minute agenda items in your normal leadership meetings. These are the ‘leader capability moments’ dedicated to building capability and learning about new concepts. If your meetings are frequent and short (eg weekly 1 hour meetings), perhaps book these moments every second meeting.
  • Set expectations and familiarise your leader group with the idea that you are trying out a bite-sized development activity, and ask them to commit to supporting it for a period, and then to assist you with feedback.
  • Select the Sticky Stories that you will use. Our customer was focusing initially on Diversity, so she selected ‘The best team ever’ and ‘I don’t have a bias’ as the first two. She then prepared a calendar of Leader Capability Moments, following on with stories including ‘A Great Change Leader’, ‘Why can’t we change our culture?’ and ‘What a Rubbish Workshop’.
  • Run the Leader Capability Moments in each meeting:
    • Introduce the topic and why it matters (1 minute)
    • Play the scheduled Sticky Story (1-3 minutes)
    • Ask each participant to comment on the relevance of this story and the topic to this organisation and its challenges. The Sticky Stories talking points for each story are a good resource for leading this discussion. (10 minutes)
    • Provide attendees with a link to one article, infographic or other curated, pragmatic resource on the topic. Ask leaders to commit to reading this one resource before the next Leader Capability Moment is scheduled.


Our story/your story – A group activity for workshops

Using stories to get people talking about their own stories…this is what it’s all about! One Sticky Stories customer who provides clients with workshops on leadership mindset and behaviours has incorporated the use of our four ‘Leading with a Growth Mindset’ stories into four separate group activities where participants build and share their own stories about leadership and growth mindset from their own workplace.

  • As each story on Growth Mindset focuses on a particular leader characteristic (eg handling of setbacks, opening the door to innovative thinking etc), each activity requires participants to watch the Sticky Story and then to prepare and share their own stories around the same characteristic.
  • The story that workshop participants share in their groups may be positive stories, where the Growth Mindset behaviours are demonstrated, or less positive stories, where Growth Mindset appeared to be missing, and the effect of this.
  • Participants are encouraged to ‘Start with me’ in their thinking about stories, and consider whether they can share a story where it was their own mindset or actions that made the difference.

I hope these great ideas help you take a fresh look at your next development activity or workshop design.

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