Telling stories for organisational change: a new resource for change practitioners

Change practitioners are storytellers. We translate leadership intentions, roadmaps, and product and process redesigns into stories that make change real and relevant for those impacted. We create a storyline for people – based on our assessment of the change intent and impact – and build enablers and programs to play this story out and make change stick.


Stories for change

How did two organisational change consultants come to create a library of animated stories? (What a great idea, you say!) It all started while working with an energy client. In an early meeting, a client subject-matter expert walked through a case study that demonstrated how the program would transform a power quality engineer’s work experience, and the flow-on customer effect.

Looking for something fresh to engage a dispersed population of engineers, we created an animated story about ‘Frank’ the power quality engineer to share with employees in briefing sessions.

The story and its message resonated with staff and generated conversations and questions – for us and for employees. From there, Sticky Stories was born and we brought short animated stories to change programs and consulting clients in our networks.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-46-04-am

A story library?

We started receiving requests for stories on common topics, so we started growing our bespoke story business into a ready-now resource for professionals who appreciate a good story with a clear purpose, told in bitesize chunks, appealing to today’s time-poor audience. A place where you could search for that short video to add to  your workshop or session, not to ‘explain’ stuff, but to engage people in a learning conversation.

We realised the story library needed to:

  • be affordable for small businesses and individual consultants
  • address the topics that many of us are struggling to communicate
  • be relevant scenarios and characters that resonate for the workplace audience
  • be flexible so members can download and reuse stories.

So we set out to create this, and we are so excited to be on the journey, with over 40 stories already.

Creating dialogue through stories

Thanks to our growing community of Sticky Stories customers who tell us the topics they want, we are building a versatile collection of stories to tackle a range of ‘hot topics’, each accompanied with talking points to help facilitate discussions. We aim to create stories that make people say ‘so true’ and get people talking.

By sharing Sticky Stories and generating discussion, our customers are bringing a fun approach to their workshops, conference sessions, communications and change programs – and we’re having a blast helping them. That’s why our motto is: don’t explain it … tell a story!

Curious? You can browse our Story Shop, and follow us on LinkedIn for regular content on stories, change and learning, and updates on our journey.